Its starts with top quality Aussie topside beef. 

We trim it by hand so its very lean, then cut it into perfect 12mm strips.

We then make up our secret mouth-watering marinade with just the right amount of spices & flavours to make the beef soak up the correct amount over the next 48hrs.

The ingredients we use are the best we can buy. This is a very important stage, not only for the correct amount of salt for curing & shelf life, but also for the flavour to permeate all the way through the meat ready for the dehydration process.

Expertly marinated beef.

Lastly, the expertly marinated beef is then placed inside our purpose-built dehydrators for the perfect amount of time, ensuring the Jerky is dried to the highest standards for flavour & texture.

The jerky is then ready for packaging & shipping out to you the customer. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We want you coming back. Time & time again. We are sure once you taste our Jerky, you will!

Smoky BBQ

Sounds easy right? Not really. The devil is ALWAYS in the detail.

At every stage, the jerky is handmade, and quality controlled at every step. If something doesn’t meet our watchful eye, its tossed. We do not, and will never, compromise on quality. Our marinades we firmly believe to be the best. The marinade is the difference between ‘okay’ jerky to our Premium Beef Jerky.