At Vaydr Jerky, we are very proudly 100% Australian owned & made. The answer to this question, is purely because we don’t compromise on quality ingredients. Soy sauce, and Worcestershire sauce are all products from overseas, and the best you can get. Every other option we have, to get Aussie made, is painstakingly procured from quality Aussie suppliers.

Taste is subjective. And so are varying levels of chilli heat. Some people who are not used to chilli, will think this is 95 out of 5. People that are used to chilli may say it’s a little less. But we think our heat ratings are a good indication for most people.

We don’t feel we need to use express shipping, as we don’t sit on the orders for days before dispatch. We send out the next business day. So that time that is usually spent “preparing orders” is reduced, and means you get your orders quicker. But if you really need the order as soon as possible, shoot us an email at sales@vaydrjerky.com.au and we will see what we can do!!

Believe it or not. Beef Jerky is a bit of a science. Many things come into account to affect the best before date. Not just spoilage, but also flavour degradation. Our twelve months best before date is the best indication for supreme freshness, and flavour. Theoretically, it could last for a hell of a lot longer. However, the biggest thing that affects shelf life are preservatives. And we pride ourselves on being 100% preservative free!

There is a lot of time & money that goes into making sure packaging is correct & adheres to strict health guidelines. To make bigger bags, would require more set up for the packaging etc. It also affects how its stored. 100g quantities are worked out to be the most cost effective & best way to ensure quality.

Yes. 100%. We pride ourselves on not only the best jerky, but also no compromise on food safety & adhere to the strictest of food safe protocols.

At this time, unfortunately no. We are very serious about how we effectively we dispatch orders. But a subscription service in the future is something we can definitely look at.

We mostly sell direct. This is to keep the costs down as low as possible to you, the consumer, however we are constantly evolving, and VERY selected stores carry our products. Check in with our socials to find out where

Sounds easy right? Not really. The devil is ALWAYS in the detail.

At every stage, the jerky is handmade, and quality controlled at every step. If something doesn’t meet our watchful eye, its tossed. We do not, and will never, compromise on quality. Our marinades we firmly believe to be the best. The marinade is the difference between ‘okay’ jerky to our Premium Beef Jerky.